The Modeling Religious Change (MRC) forum is designed to give participants an opportunity to engage in structured conversations around project-related themes. Our hope is that through lively, respectful, and intellectually rigorous dialog we can build the kind of community that will further MRC’s mission to explore the multi-dimensional nature of religious transformation and demographic change through computer modeling and simulation. Our approach is data-driven, and radically interdisciplinary. We welcome you to the conversation.

Online discussion groups function without the context that visual and auditory indicators offer. Because these important clues to meaning are absent, the tone and clarity of your communication becomes especially important.

In order to provide the best possible experience for everyone, we’ve established a few sensible guidelines. For those who are familiar with discussion forums, these guidelines may be second nature. For those new to the architecture of academic community member forums, these simple conventions will accelerate your onboarding.

  • Use mindful and inclusive language. Steer clear of expressions that reinforce ethnic, gender, or religious stereotypes, as well as outdated descriptors for individuals, groups, global communities of faith, or the unaffiliated. For more detail, please refer to the MRC Media & Language Guide.
  • Your posts should encourage new perspectives through civil and productive dialog. Remember that text written in ALL CAPS is the online equivalent of yelling and considered impolite.
  • Use your first and last name when posting comments, but keep in mind that the exchange of personal contact information is discouraged for security reasons.
  • When replying, only include the relevant sections of the original post in your reply. This makes following a thread easier and less repetitious.
  • It’s a good idea to read an entire topic thread before replying. This way you’ll avoid repeating what another forum participant has already expressed.
  • Keep in mind that the forum isn’t the place to post papers or lengthy articles. Research papers relating to the MRC project will be posted on the MRC blog and will have links to the forum allowing members to comment and discuss.
  • When your comments incorporate the intellectual property of others (book passages, articles, scholarly papers etc.) –online or in print –please include proper attribution.
  • You can advance ideas and stimulate thinking by providing supporting evidence or examples for your perspectives.
  • Review your comments thoroughly before you post to ensure they reflect the scholarly nature of the MRC forum.
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