MRC Branding Material & Media Resources

We encourage project partners and affiliates to use our branded materials. Please refer to the MRC Branding Style Guide for proper use of MRC visual assets.

Style Guide

This document shows the visual standards and appropriate use for all MRC's branding and communication initiatives including social media platforms.

Downloadable MRC Visual Assets

Here you'll find the MRC project's logo and spirit mark variations.

MRC Branded Power Point Master

A Power Point master template for MRC presentations.

Media & Language Guide

The MRC Media Communications and Language Guide is designed to support the work of MRC project researchers and affiliates in their cross-platform communication efforts. It offers media engagement strategies to optimize communication, minimize risk, and mitigate problems should they arise.

Forum Guide

The MRC discussion form is a space for project researchers and affiliates to be in dialogue with one another. To provide the best possible experience for all forum members, the MRC Form Guide establishes basic guidelines for participation.

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